David Friesen's Compositions With Orchestra

David FriesenHemage Bass
Kyle GordonOrchestration
Paul LeesGrand Pianowebsite
Charles DoggettPercussionwebsite
Bob MoorePercussion
This music reveals an unrelenting, ever-unfolding flow that runs through the entire program as melodies get passed from player to player, section to section, and support roles change frequently yet fluidly. A 12-part masterwork by David Friesen.
Ed Enright/Downbeat
David Friesen uses his Hemage Bass and faith to shine a bright and encouraging light. A reformation of tones and melodies!
George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly


Solo Performances on Bass and Piano

Few solo musicians on any instrument have made music as powerful and deeply moving as David Friesen.
Larry Kelp/Oakland Tribune
. . . absolutely breath-taking musicality and performance prowess. A solo concert by David Friesen is an incredible experience. He captivated the audience.
Henry Wolking/Chairman Jazz Studies University of Utah
Seldom has a jazz musician (and never a bassist) managed to spellbind and hold an audience so happily as David did this evening.
Christer Nilsson/Orkester Journalen, Sweden



David Friesen with the National Academic Symphonic Band of Ukraine

Oleksii VikulovConductor
Diaphanous arrangements, a light and airy sonic touch, a sublime and heavenly translucence. The music orbits—with a subtle, measured and seemingly inevitable galactic grandeur—the sound of Friesen’s Hemage bass works perfectly with the orchestra.
Dan Mcclenenaghan, All About Jazz
A rare masterwork.
Chris Sepctor, Midwest Record

David Friesen with Ukrainian Quartet, Trio, Duo

Eugene DobrovolskyiVibraphone
Mykola RyshkovTenor Saxophone
Alex FantaevDrums, Percussion
...a smooth flowing, sultry jazz atmosphere grand and beautiful
Dan Mcclenenaghan, All About Jazz
...delivering the kind of state of the art performance that defies almost everything
Chris Sepctor, Midwest Record

Circle 3 Trio

Joe ManisSaxophonewebsite
...intensity and sophistication in equal measure
Charles DoggettDrumswebsite
Doggett, a drummer of imagination and curiosity, propels each tune with cunningness and unrelenting swing.
John Barron/All About
The David Friesen compositions are all gorgeous, rich and accessible, each tune more beautiful than the first and absolutely wonderful soloing and ensemble play at its highest level.
JM/Jazz Clubscene
Everything the trio plays is colored with a pronounced individuality. The harmonic depth, intense rhythm and subtle interaction they employ mesmerizes an audience.
D.Ramsey/Downbeat, Jazz Times
The sum of the whole (David Friesen’s Circle 3 Trio)is far greater than the figuration of its parts. Friesen has forever tread outside the ordained paths and will never cease to do so. Be ye dumbstruck with awe at the pure artistry of it all.
Fame Music Magazine
It’s been said of David Friesen that He does for the art of bass playing what Pythagoras did for the triangles.
Patrick Hinely/Jazz Times

Circle 3 Trio Videos

David Friesen - Bright Gain

Bright Gain6-String Bass Guitarwebsite
Your music is supposed to be a true reflection of your spiritual self; don't disfigure it through fiscal commercialization; let it come out into the audible world the way it is in your spiritual world.
Bright Gain - my thought


David Friesen UK Trio

Martin HathawayAlto Saxwebsite
Martin Hathaway is still Britain's most underrated alto saxophonist.
Dave Gelly/The Observer
Barry GreenPianowebsite
Green's virtuosity... his work can be both intricate and assertive and is constantly inventive.
Pete Martin/Jazz UK

David Friesen New Zealand Trio

Dixon NaceyGuitarwebsite
Reuben BradleyDrumswebsite
David Friesen on the Hemage bass, Dixon Nacey on guitar and Reuben Bradley on drums. This particular combination was bound to work well and the proof positive was in the outstanding performances. When artists pay each other respect on the bandstand it is a recipe for excellence. There were no Jazz standards performed and I suspect that many of the compositions were challenging for those new to them. If they were, it did not show. Friesen explained that while he loved interpreting standards, he had come to the point where exploring his own compositions was his preference. A musician as gifted as this has plenty to say musically and Friesen found endless ways of expressing his unique world view.
John Fenton/ CJC Creative Jazz Club


David Friesen/Joe Manis

Joe ManisTenor Saxophonewebsite
Both virtuosos, the subtle interplay of David Friesen and Joe Manis, some surprising, amazing details and the overall warm-hearted mood carried throughout the concert.
Frankfurter Allgemeine/Frankfurt, Germany
Hear the duet live in concert in Uzhhorod, Ukraine March 30, 2017.