Recent Releases
Morning Star
Morning Star David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Rob Davis: Tenor, Soprano Saxophone
Tim Wilcox: Tenor Saxophone
Dan Gaynor: Piano
Charlie Doggett: Drums

© Colorpool Music 2013

Track List:
1. O'Come, O'Come Emmanuel
2. Away in a Manger
3. Angels Sing/Hark the Herald Angel Sing
4. What Child is This?
5. O' Come All Ye Faithful
6. O' Holy Night
7. Silent Night

Brilliant Heart
Live in China David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Greg Goebel: Piano
Larry Koonse: Guitar
Charlie Doggett: Drums

© ITM 2013

Track List:
1. Sailing
2. Violin
3. Want of Method
4. Painting the Blues
5. My New Gate
6. Where the Light Falls
7. Brilliant Heart
8. Purple Painting
9. My Dog Elie
10. Backyard Haven
11. Circle of Three
12. Be at Rest Oh My Soul
13. Scotty F.

Live in China
Live in China David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Lawrence Ku: Guitar
Alex Haavik: Ten. and Sop. Sax

©Color Pool Music 2012

Track List:
1. Still Waters
2. Wrinkle
3. Seam Line
4. Araya
5. Off Center
6. Brilliant Heart
7. Wrap Up
8. Tribute

Circle of Three
Circle of Three David Friesen: Hemage Bass
John Gross: Tenor Saxophone
Greg Goebel: Piano

©ITM 2011

Track List:
1. When Will You Return?
2. Song For Tristan
3. Araya
4. This and That
5. The Light Inside Freswick Castle
6. Serenade
7. One Last Time

Vanishing the Darkness
Vanishing the Darkness David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Jay Thomas: Flugelhorn
Randy Porter: Piano
Alan Jones: Drums
Crystal Gray: Vocal

Color Pool Music 2009 ©

Track List:
1. There is a Longing
2. Amazing Grace/In Christ Alone
3. Fairest Lord Jesus
4. Be Still My Soul
5. Holy, Holy, Holy
6. Be at Rest, Oh My Soul
7. Take My Life
8. Thank You Dear Lord
9. For the Beauty of the Earth
10. Abide With Me

Five & Three Quintet and Trio Music
Five & Three Quintet and Trio Music
© 2009 by ITM
CD 1 Tracklist:
David Friesen Hemage Bass, John Gross Tenor Sax, Rob Davis Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Dan Balmer Guitar, Gary Hobbs Drums, Charlie Doggett Drums
CD 2 Tracklist:
David Friesen Hemage Bass, Rob Davis Tenor Saxophone, Greg Goebel Piano

Through the Listening Glass(Reissue)
Through the Listening Glass David Friesen: Acoustic Bass
John Stowell: Guitar

Inner City Records 2007©

Track List:
1. Wisdom's Star
2. Tabla/Eternal Friend
3. Opening Out
4. Through the Listening Glass
5. Peace for the Enduring Heart
6. Carousel Parade
7. Ancient Kings
8. Wings of Light
9. High Places
10. Secret Moments of Silence

Star Dance(Reissue)
Star Dance David Friesen: Acoustic Bass
John Stowell: Electric Guitar
Paul McCandless: Oboe
Steve Gadd: Drums

Inner City Records 2007©

Track List:
1. Winter's Fall
2. Duet and Dialogue
3. Dolphin in The Sky
4. Star Dance
5. 1 Rue Brey
6. Fields of Joy
7. A Little Child's Poem
8. Clouds
9. Children of the Kingdom
10. Mountain Streams

Waterall Rainbow (Reissue)
Waterfall Rainbow David Friesen: Acoustic Bass
Ralph Towner: Classical & 12-String Guitar
John Stowell: Electric Guitar
Paul McCandless: Oboe, English Horn, Bass Clarinet
Nick Brignola: Flute
Bob Moses: Drums
Jim Saporito: Percussion

Inner City Records 2007©

Track List:
1. Spring Wind
2. French Festival
3. Waterfall Rainbow
4. Castles & Flags
5. The Peace that Passes Underdstanding
6. Song of Switzerland
7. Song of the Stars
8. Dancing Spirits Before the Lord
9. Flight of the Angels

Remembering Mal
Image Coming Soon David Friesen: Bass
Mal Waldron: Piano

Soul Note Music 2006©

Track List:
1. If I Were a Bell
2. Fire Waltz
3. 'Round About Midnight
4. With a Song in My Heart
5. You Mean Me
6. Someday My Prince Will Come
7. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm

Made With Friends
Made With Friends David Friesen: Bass
Uwe Kropinski: Guitar
Conny Bauer: Trombone
John Gross: TenorSax

jazzerkstatt - 2007©

Track List:
1. Father's Song
2. Seam Line
3. Indecision
4. Free Friends
5. In a Sentimental Mood
6. Exploring
7. Happy Major
8. New Tune Blue
9. After Awhile
10. Another Dream
11. Friendly Piece
12. Discovery
Christmas At Woodstock
Jeannie Hoffman: Vocals, Piano
Jerry Hahn: Guitar
Rob Davis: Saxophone
David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Gary Hobbs: Drums

West Wind Records - B000J1091U©2006

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Track List:
1. The Christmas Song
2. Waiting for You at Christmas Time
3. Bach Minuet
4. Deck the Halls
5. Winter Wonderland
6. Christmas Drums
7. White Christmas
8. O' Come 0' Come Emmanuel
9. Heirlooms
10. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
11. Grown-up Christmas List
12. Bach and Us
13. America And Apple Pie
14. Battle Hymn of the Republic
15. Silent Night
16. It's Christmas Time Again
Larry Koonse: Guitar
David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Joe LaBarbera: Drums

ITM Archives 920001 ©2006
Track List CD 1
Duets with Larry Koonse:
1. The Love
2. Within These Walls
3. With Discretion
4. Left Field Blues
5. One Last Time
6. Seam Line
7. Stars Slowly Moving Above
8. Unlike No Other
9. Nu Blu
10. Jazz Pasacaglia
11. Still Waters
12. LandSlide
13. After Awhile
14. Like Father
15. All The Things You Are
Tracklist CD2
Trio w/Larry Koonse and Joe LaBarbera:
1. On Going Theme
2. All Blues
3. If I Should Lose You
4. Dedicated To You
5. Before And After
6. Connection
7. Along The Way
8. With Discretion
9. With A Song In My Heart
10. Old Folks
11. My Funny Valentine
12. How Deep Is The Ocean

Gary Barone: Trumpet
David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Alan Jones: Drums

Waterpipe Records- 977 452 ©2006
Track List:
1. Milestones
2. Old Folks
3. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
4. Triune
5. Autumn Leaves
6. You're My Thrill
7. One to One
8. Brand New Tune Blues
9. Thanks, Miles
10.You're Bad And That's Good

Midnight Mood Live In Stockholm
The David Friesen Trio
David Friesen: Acoustic Bass
Randy Porter: Piano
Alan Jones: Drums

Intuition INT 3374 2 ©2004

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Track List:
1. Midnight Mood
2. Equinox
3. A Time for Love
4. How Deep is the Ocean
5. Before and After
6. Come Rain or Come Shine
7. East of the Sun, West of the Moon
8. Lament
9. Dark Sky

Made in Istanbul
David Friesen: Hemage Bass
Uwe Kropinski: Acoustic Guitar

ITM 14118 ©2004
Track List:
1. Pianola
2. Festival Dance
3. 400 ASA Waltz
4. Bagamoyo
5. Very Early
6. Running Children
7. Istanblue

Amber Skies
Joe Henderson: Tenor Sax
Paul Horn: Alto Sax
Chick Corea: Piano
Paul Motian: Drums
Airto Moreira: Percussion
David Friesen: Bass

Quicksilver Records QSCD 4005 ©2003

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Track List:
1. Amber Skies
2. Blue in Green
3. Underlying
4. Jenelle Number Four
5. In the Place of Calling
6. Sitka in the Woods
7. Voices

Thomastik-Infeld Music Clinic Jazz Workshop DVD
Conducted by David Friesen with Guitarist Jerry Hahn

Hal-Leonard Corporation HL00320401 © 2004