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Phone: (503)254-7621
Cellphone: (503)330-5999
Address: Color Pool Music
1005 N.E. 78th Avenue
Portland, OR 97213
Thomastik-Infeld Strings Thomastik-Infeld Strings
David Friesen unequivocally endorses Thomastik-Infeld Bass Strings.
Hemage Basses Hemage Basses
David Friesen plays an Hemage Bass.
Connolly & Co. Connolly & Co.
Connolly & Co. is the U.S. distributor for Thomastik-Infeld bass strings.
Celestion Speakers Celestion Speakers
When on concert tour in the U.K. David Friesen uses the Celestion CXi 821 speakers exclusively courtesy of Celestion Speakers.
Acoustic Image Amplifiers Acoustic Image Amplifiers
David Friesen uses and endorses Acoustic Image amplifiers.
Fohhn Audio Fohhn Audio
David Friesen uses and endorses Fohhn speakers.
Underwood Bass Pickups Underwood Pickups
David Friesen uses and endorses the Don Underwood bass pickups.
Dyan Cannon Actress Dyan Cannon
David Friesen endorses the phenomenal talents of his sister, actress Dyan Cannon.
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